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AA/Minors Spring 2018 – Stamford North Little League (SNLL) Rules
1. This is supposed to be fun and about the kids – we want 100% of the kids from ALL teams to return next year so please make sure both teams are having fun – when in doubt of any other rule – refer to this rule
2. Each team will play approximately 15 games. First five / six games are all machine pitched.  The remaining games will be half person / half machine. Innings one, two, and three will be PERSON PITCHED.  The remainder of the game will be machine pitched
b. Kids will play the pitching position and stand next to the machine.  One foot must always be in contact with the dirt near the mound
c. The machine is in play.  A ball that hits the machine is live and in play
d. The only machine used will be the spring loaded machine
e. The coaches can best determine who operates the pitching machine (same coach of batting team or opposite)
f. There are no walks with pitching machine – therefore no balls with the pitching machine – only strikes.
g. Machine AND Coach pitch will have called strike one and called strike two. A batter can NOT strike out on EITHER A MACHINE OR COACHED PITCHED on a CALLED third strike if they are not swinging at that pitch – they MUST swing for a third strike with either machine or coach pitch
h. A kid CAN strike out on a KID PITCHED called third strike
i. There are no hit batters with coach pitch or machine pitch. A kid does not take the base when hit by either a coach or the machine. We want to encourage them to get out of the way not try to get hit
k. A ball that bounces in front of home plate or hits home plate is a ball unless the batter swings
l. A kid pitched ball  that bounces and then hits the batter is a ball
m. A kid will be replaced by a coach after an individual player has a combination of walks (BB) and hit by pitch (HBP) totaling four in any half inning (BB + HBP=4)
n. A pitching staff will be replaced by a coach after a pitching staff has a combination of walks (BB) and hit by pitch (HBP) totaling six in any half inning (BB + HBP=6).
o. If a player is removed as a pitcher, they are NOT eligible to return as a pitcher the remainder of that game
i. A pitcher is limited to 50 pitches per game
ii. A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of the day
iii. If a kid pitches 36-50 pitches in a day, two (2) calendar days of rest must be observed (eg Mon (pitch), Tues (rest), Wed (rest), Thurs (pitch)
iv. If a kid pitches 21-35 pitches in a day, one (1) calendar days of rest must be observed (eg Mon (pitch), Tues (rest), Wed (pitch)
v. If a kid pitches 1-20 pitches in a day, no (0) calendar days of rest is required (eg Mon (pitch), Tues (pitch)
p. If a kid reaches a day(s) or rest threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may to continue to pitch until the batter reaches base, the batter is retired, or the third out is recorded to complete the half-inning
3. Ten kids in the field (4 in the outfield. Outfield is defined by a minimum of ~ ten feet removed from the infield / outfield threshold). A team can play with nine players.  A team can play with eight players. An out will be recorded when the ninth spot in the line-up is to come to bat
4. Coaches must make every effort to play all kids on the infield for at least two innings
5. NO ONE, OTHER THAN THE PLAYERS AND the First Base Coach for the hitting team, the Third Base Coach for the hitting team, the coach operating the pitching machine and the coach who sits at the END of the backstop to help return baseballs, is allowed on the field or near the field of play (eg down the foul lines).  NO EXCEPTIONS
7. Continuous batting order – ALL kids bat.  The catcher will be run for by the player who made last out if the catcher is on the base paths with two outs
8. If you have 12 or more kids then every kid needs to sit one inning if a 6 inning game is played (field play only)
9. If a kid is injured then he or she’s spot in the order is skipped and it is NOT an out – if the kid comes back into the game/order they must slot in at their original spot not the next spot up
10. 6 inning game or one hour and 45 minute time limit (from GAME start time).  TOP of the inning must be started prior to the one hour and 45 time limit.  No new inning can be started after the one hour and 45 min of game START TIME UNLESS both coaches agree prior to the 1:45 mark. NOTE: umps should be informed of this exception.  There is no time limit for playoff games.  ALL six innings must be played in playoff games
11. It is the umps decision to call the game due to darkness or rain not the coaches. All baseball activities will be halted if lightening is observed or if thunder is heard
12. Zero tolerance on arguing with the umps for any reason (these are kids that are umping) – if there is a need for a rules clarification or any reason to discuss something with the umps please make sure ONLY MANAGERS from both teams are present and the conversation happens between the 3 or 4 (2 umps) of you. NO polling the audience for help
13. If a CLEAR (ie objective) mistake was made, the umpire can change his call. You should NOT convince an umpire he made a mistake or to overturn his call.  The MANAGERS (NOT COACHES) and the umps will discuss plays in question.  If the MANAGER did not see the play he CANNOT ask other coaches, parents, players, fans, etc. what happened to aid his discussion with the umpire
14. Early Termination (ie 15 run mercy after three innings or 10 run mercy after 3 ½ innings)
a. Please play your games to completion even if you have been mercied – it’s about the kids not the W/L. The mercy rule will only apply after three FULL innings have been completed.  The final score will be the score at the time the early termination was determined
b. A team can score a maximum of five runs per half inning.  If your team and the other team have allowed ‘five runs’ an equal number of times, then, either team can score more than five runs in their respective final at bat. If a team has allowed ‘5 runs’ in any one half inning more than the other team, then that same team cannot come back and score more than 5 runs to win a game in the last inning of play. If your team has NOT allowed ‘5 runs’ but you are down by more than 5 runs going into the last inning then you CAN come back and win the game (no 5 run max applies – last inning of play only).
15. Kids can run out their HITS as far as they can get  – means no max base on a hit – if a kid hits a ball into the outfield and he makes it a triple or home run then that is ok (has to be the result of the HIT)
a. w/the fence at Scofield if the ball gets stuck it’s a ground rule double
b. Once the ball IS POSSESSED (IN HAND(S) OR GLOVE) BY AN INFIELDER ON THE INFIELD (HAVING ONE FOOT ON THE INFIELD CONSTITUTES BEING ON THE INFIELD) the ball is dead (the ball is live in the outfield and kids can keep advancing until the ball is possessed by an infielder.  Once a ball is declared dead, a kid can NOT advance if they are less than half way to the next base and will be instructed to return to the previous base without a play. A ball is NOT dead if the kid is still juggling it.
d. Balls hit over the fence at Scofield are an automatic home run
16. Bats are to remain down and out of the kids hands while on the bench – no warming up w/the bat or “on deck” warm ups – the only time the bat should be in a kids hands is when they are at the plate – if kids are using bats while on the bench this could result in an automatic out – the umps will be told this and it is very important for the kids safety that they are NOT swinging the bats around while on the bench
17. Base Path distances – are 60 feet